10 tips for better banner ads

Studies have proven that most banner ads start losing effectiveness after the third time a person has seen it. If visitors haven’t clicked on it by then, they probably never will. If you are spending a lot of money on advertising and purchasing hundreds of thousands of banner impressions, you will need to come up with a lot of different banners.

10 tips that can increase banner ad effectiveness:

  1. Highlight the visual brand prominently throughout the ad.
  2. Make each second count. Support the core message throughout the ad. The ad will probably only get one second with the user, so be sure it counts.
  3. Get right to the point. We shouldn’t expect the user to wait around and watch the ad in its entirety.
  4. Keep it simple. Try to use no more than two messages per execution.
  5. Use people imagery. Making the human emotional connection results in better ad recall.
  6. Use a strong call to action. What is the desired response? Give people a reason to go further. Lead them – tell them what to do next.
  7. Create intrigue with a desirable download or a special promotional offer.
  8. Use an experienced designer with an eye for what will attract attention in your chosen publication. What works visually for one, may not work for another. Sometimes the ad should look like part of the page content and sometimes the ad is clearly not part of the content and needs to present itself that way.
  9. Remember, we just want people to click on the ad. Communicate quickly and generate leads. Ads should go to a landing page supporting the offer to continue a dialog.
  10. Carefully study ads in your targeted publication. Ask which ones work and which ones don’t and find out why.

Online advertising is unchartered territory. We are breaking new ground and learning more about this everyday as we look at what works and what doesn’t in the technical scientific business to business arena. Unlike a tried and true science, it is evolving all the time as more and more online advertising opportunities present themselves.

Let us know your banner ad successes and failures.

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