10 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website

Are you able to build credibility with your site visitors in under 50 milliseconds?
Because that’s what it takes!

Quote - 46% of people say

Creating a positive experience on your site is important because when we disrupt visitors from
getting what they’ve come for, they quickly move on to something else and forget about you.

Here are 10 powerful ways for you to improve your website’s user experience.

Quote - 84% of communication1  Build Your Visual Brand.

Your logo, color, typography and imagery all contribute to creating a visual portrayal of your brand that effectively speaks your business.


2  Build Your Brand Voice.
What is your “brand voice”? Your brand has a voice style that is distinctive to your business.
Are you straightforward, conversational or humorous? What is it that makes your voice
unique and allows site visitors to recognize this as YOU “speaking”?


3  Build A Style Template.

A template saves much time on site development – a wise move. It’s a good idea to
customize your template to support your brand identity. That way, your site will be
distinguishable from others out there that are possibly using the same template.
Make yours distinctive!


Quote - 48% of site visitors say4  Build A Responsive Site.

A responsive website is one that is built so that all of its content, images and structure remain the same on any device. Google’s search engines rank responsive websites preferentially in mobile search results.


5  Build An Information Hierarchy

  • Organize your information hierarchically. Make it easy for your site visitors to move through quickly, effortlessly and find exactly what they are looking for.
  • A visual hierarchy of page elements helps guide your site visitors through your pages.
  • Attention-getting call-to-action buttons help your site visitors know what they
    should do next.
  • Make sure your “above the fold” info says exactly what your business does, what
    you believe in and who you are. (“Above the fold” refers to a virtual fold – the upper
    half of a web page that is visible without scrolling.)


Quote - 88% of consumers 6  Build Effective Navigation

  • Simplify your navigational menu. Make sure it’s easy to use and focuses on clear and concise links.
  • Too many menu items can be time-consuming for site visitors to move through.
  • Logically group items into broad categories for main buttons and build sub-categories within these so visitors can drill down within the menu system.
  • Order your menu items in a user-focused manner. Think about the steps
    your site visitors will want to take.


79% of people7  Build For Optimal Readability.

Readability on your site will be vastly improved if you strive for “scannability”.

  • Subheads help break your content into manageable chunks.
  • A visual hierarchy of type sizes and font weights helps distinguish between elements and move site visitors through your copy.
  • Bulleted lists keep ideas organized.
  • Multiple copy columns with short line lengths aid comprehension.
  • A strong contrast between background color and text ensures your copy is readable.


Quote - 94% more views8  Build With Images And Graphics.

  • Quality user-generated images (with obtained permissions) can be an effective tool. They are often seen as more real than overused stock images.
  • Be selective and choose appropriate brand-centric images.
  • Create an emotional connection between your site visitor and your company/brand.
  • Graphics can be used to convey complex concepts. Infographics are 30x more
    likely to be read than a text article.
  • Consistent use of style and color tonality helps build your visual brand.


9 Build Site Consistency.

Consistency across all touch points is a must in brand building. Everything from your
type styles, colors, button styles, spacing, graphic elements, photo choices and layout
should reflect your visual brand. Design style guides can be helpful here.


10 Review And Test.

  • Review your copy for correctness.
  • Review your site styling to make sure all usages are correct and consistent.
  • Test for usability.
  • Review and test again. Invite fresh eyes.


Build For Your Site Visitors And You Build For Success.