Advertising Genius

For those of you who are as intrigued as I am by creative ad genius, Art & Copy (2008), the advertising documentary directed by Doug Pray, was released last Friday, 5 days after the T.V. season premiere of “Mad Men”.

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Microsoft is square

Microsoft has developed a new logo to visually brand its soon-to-open retail stores. Once again, a reminder of the perpetual competition between Microsoft and Apple.

I am not sure this new logo is consistent with Microsoft’s overall visual brand and logo. It is consistent with their brand colors, but other than that, people may have difficulty making the visual leap between the two. Maybe this is what Microsoft wants?

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How good stories get distorted

It’s like the old game telephone – you whisper something in someones ear and they pass the message along. The last person conveys what they heard and it is totally different than what was originally spoken. Telephone, rumors, whatever, so goes poor communication on the internet.

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Creativity at its best

The Coca-Cola Company changed its advertising campaign slogan in 1969 from “Things Go Better With Coke”, to “It’s the Real Thing”. “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” was sung in advertising all over the world in 1971.

“I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”  has an interesting story for those who recall the T.V. commercials which focused on masses of people singing, what has been dubbed, the Coca-Cola song.

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