A Brand New Logo for Comedy Central, ha ha.

It’s okay if you confuse Comedy Central’s new logo for a copyright symbol! The “hidden irony” in the copyright symbol is apparently intentional.

The network’s Bob Salazar, SVP/creative director, (brand creative for Comedy Central), says it is an ”irreverent wink”. Salazar said that the channel “Wanted a brand image that responds to the variety of multimedia options viewers access our content on,” such as the iPad and other interactive devices. “The Comedy Mark is an amalgam of all the things we’re doing.”

If we immediately “SEE” the copyright symbol, then what statement is their brand mark making?

They say, “Everyone misses the joke?” Ah, sorry! We are not THAT oblique!

Fast company says, “The copyright is the ultimate emblem of the corporate world. Here, Comedy Central is literally turning it on its head. The joke is subtle but clever.” (Read more at Fast Company’s Co.Design blog.)

Whaaaaaat? Subtle … clever? I don’t think so. It’s just not innovative, original, distinctive or a good logo. And lucky for them, the copyright symbol is in the public domain.

View this video on Comedy Central’s new logo by its creator, thelab. The video is certainly not boring and uses the new logo in a very innovative and fun way. But it’s still a copyright symbol no matter which way you look at it!