Design Based On A Concept

Often people have a very literal idea about what they want others to see in their visual(s). It is what has meaning to them in relation to how they themselves see something, not in relation to what their customer sees and will understand. When we talk about a design (or a brand) meaning something or having significance beyond its obvious face value, it is the conceptual meaning we are talking about that is conveyed through the visual.

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A Visual Brand Refresh For Starbucks

A great logo example of what you can do once visual brand awareness is built! Starbucks copies a page from well known companies such as Nike Inc. and Apple Inc., who have easily built enough visual brand awareness to successfully drop the words from their logos years ago. The words are no longer needed for us to recognize this visual icon as none other than Starbucks. It can stand alone and speaks for itself. This is achieved by consistent and repetitive use of the visual brand over time. This brand refresh is simple, contemporary, memorable and close enough to the existing logo that it avoids losing any visual brand recognition.

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Logos – Concepts, Not Clones

The Rio 2016 Olympic logo is chosen.

Brazil’s Tatíl Design created the logo, and is to be revered for its good design. It is very Brazilian, with its three interlocking figures joyously dancing. 140 design firms entered the competitive process to design the logo. A team of 15 national and international members of the Rio 2016 organizing committee made the final decision on this chosen design below.

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