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Everybody Plays With The Phillies Visual Brand

The Philadelphia Phillies pack the stadium consistently with 45,000 fans and are watched by many more on national syndication. Am I the only one concerned with their visual brand?

Brand Keys, a marketing and research firm, gave the title of “team with the most loyal fans” to the Philadelphia Phillies in their 2011 Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Engagement Index. This index is based on 4 factors: Pure Entertainment, Authenticity, Fan Bonding, and History and Tradition.

So their brand is strong and that is important.

Their visual brand is not. Everybody plays with the Phillies logo, colors and uniform designs.

The inconsistent colors, typefaces and many designs all contribute to visual brand confusion. Typography has nearly as much to do with the identity of the team as the logo itself. But it seems the team has no control over the use of their visual brand elements. Most sports memorabilia vendors take liberties with the designs. Although you can get usage of the official custom typeface from the Phillies website, most opt for a less expensive route.

The team plays in many uniform sets in a multitude of style and color variations. It’s phashion week at the phillies … every week. Why is there no control over the teams visual brand consistency?

But it seems the Philadelphia Phillies do have one consistent element that gains instant recognition everywhere … the logotype. It uses its own custom-designed typeface called scriptwurst which has the a fun feeling – just right for a baseball team. Its colors and stars, craftily used as the dots over the “i”, honor not only its historic city, but the all-star spirit of the team and its brand-loyal fans.