Longwood Gardens New Logo

Is Longwood Gardens just plants, flowers and gardens? Is that their brand? This is one my favorite places to visit anytime of year and I see so much more each time I go. Who they are, is definately much more than that.

The new logo, a series of interlocking script letter “L”s is very pretty with its floral and trellis influences. It is an excellent literal translation and clearly says “flower”. But … is this logo a good representation of their brand? Does it begin to tell what Longwood Gardens is really all about and who they are?

What is a logo? Let’s get back to basics and review a list of what a logo should be.

Is the logo…


Simple shapes are easily identified.


Simplicity builds recognition.


When a visual is too detailed it becomes less recognizable.


The more easily identified, the more memorable.


The vision behind the logo speaks volumes about the company.


The visual should be easily recognizable at all sizes – small and large.

A visual representation of a concept?

Does your logo’s visual representation have meaning and significance to your company?


Does it use the positive and negative space effectively and meaningfully?

This logo can easily be helped by these visual brand rules.

It can be simpler. It could make better use of the positive-negative space. It could display a more contemporary and friendlier look and feel with the use of a sans serif font and upper and lower-case or just lower-case letters.

Here’s some basics to keep in mind….

In developing a visual brand we are creating a visual concept of your company. Behind your company there is a concept of who you are and what your objectives and goals are. Convey that clarity and the better your visual translation can be.

Put yourselves in your customers shoes for a good perspective. If you know your customer, then you know that they are visually and culturally evolving. Their visual sensibilities have been elevated by vastly improved visual effects in all media. So, help your brand evolve. Stay current and relevant to your customers visual world.

Speak to the Brand.

At face value Longwood Gardens is flowers but the brand is more than what you see when you go to Longwood Gardens. It’s what you don’t see that is equally as important.

See the new Longwood Gardens logo video here. It is terrific!