2016 Summer Olympic Logos

On October 2 the location of the 2016 Summer Olympics will be revealed. For two years, cities around the world have been vying to be the events host. It is now down to Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.

Here are the “bid logos” for these cities.

chicago1Chicago, United States

Meaning behind the logo: The Chicago logo’s central element is the Chicago star, the symbol on the city flag. It is said that the six points on the star represent hope, respect, harmony, friendship, excellence and celebration. It has also been said that the logo’s six-pointed Chicago star represents a compass pointing out in all directions of the world. The colors of the star represent the colors used in the Olympics rings.

Organizers statement: “A star tells a story of hope, universally seen as a guiding light for people everywhere. Placing the Chicago star at the center of our logo symbolizes our desire to put the athletes at the center of the Games — since they’re the real stars — and celebrate their accomplishments in the heart of our city.”

Designer: VSA Partners

Bid slogan: “Let friendship shine”

tokyo2Tokyo, Japan

Meaning behind the logo: Tokyo’s logo takes the form of a traditional Japanese knot known as “musubi”.  “Musubi” has long been utilized in Japan to signify blessings during times of celebration. It integrates the five Olympic colors into its design of  decorative knotted strings.

Organizers statement: “This logo, our MUSUBI knot, integrates the values that underpin both the Olympic Movement and Tokyo 2016. It ties together sport and culture, urban and natural environment, Japan and the world, the world and peace”

Designer: Kenji Ekuan of GK Design Group

Bid slogan: “Uniting our worlds”

madrid3Madrid, Spain

Meaning behind the logo: Madrid’s logo is the shape of the palm of a hand using the Olympic colors. The design features a hand traced in the colors blue, yellow, green and red with an “M” drawn into the palm in black over “Madrid 2016.”

Organizers statement: The hand is a symbol to welcome foreigners to the city and its people, with the colors representing the nationalities and cultures living within the city.

Designer: Argentine Joaquín Malle. This design was one of 2,700 received by the Madrid bid committee before a short list of 10 were submitted to the public on Sept. 3. The logo received 31.96 percent of the vote, more than double received by the runnerup.

Bid slogan: “Hola everyone”

rio2Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Meaning behind the logo: Rio de Janeiro’s logo suggests their natural rich landscapes with a yellow sun rising behind the green hills and valleys of Rio (highlighting the Sugar Loaf, the city’s best known icon), and blue sea. The logos overall heart shape  represents the Brazilian’s passion and enthusiasm for sports. Through its repetition, a stylized clover is formed, associated with the luck for everyone seeking to surpass limits, without any artifices other than the strength and heartiness of the person who brings along his people’s dreams. It incorporates an exclamation mark into the number “1″ to suggest the expectation and excitement for the opportunity to host.

Designer: Ana Soter

Bid slogan: “Live your passion”

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