Keys To Building A Strong Visual Brand

3 Keys To Building A Strong Visual Brand

How do you build a strong visual brand? In one word … consistency.

Why build a strong visual brand? Because every impression of your visual brand has value! When your customer views your visual brand consistently and repeatedly it builds recognition and memorability in their mind. Customers make a connection with your company more quickly and easily. This is simply because the more we see something, the better our recall of it is. It’s subliminal so most times we are unaware it’s happening.

If you want to build a strong visual brand, you can start with your three most important visual assets….
Your logo, fonts and colors.

Your logo.

star2Artwork. Organize and archive your logo artwork files so you have all the file formats, color usage and sizes (large, medium and small) you will need.

star2Integrity. It’s important to maintain your logo’s integrity to establish the recognition it deserves. DO NOT edit your logo artwork.

star2Placement. Be sure to have ample white space around your logo. Crowding it is visually distracting and takes away from its visual recognition.

star2Size. Resizing your logo? Here’s a tip! Be sure to hold the shift key down while sizing so as to maintain the aspect ratio. Distorting your logo can cause a disconnect with your viewer.

star2Resolution. Try to use the correct resolution for your usage. Enlarging your art could result in a blurry image. If your usage supports vector graphics, use the EPS version for optimal results. These are fully scalable without loss of quality.


Your fonts.

star1aPersonality. Fonts have a personality just like us. Your font’s personality should reflect your brand values.

star1aChoose 2 fonts. Your choices should pair well and complement who you are.

star1aLegibility. Can you read several paragraphs in your font without straining?


Your colors.

star1aComplement your brand in tone.

star2Limit your primary (main) color palette to 4. You can build an expanded color palette so you have more choices but 3-4 standard colors are recommended.

star1aUse color distinctly to help guide viewers visually in conveying your message.


Compiling this info into one document will be a good start to developing your visual brand style guide.

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