Cotter Visual Synergist

4 Basic Visual Brand Builders

Are you building your visual brand?
Visual branding is much more than just your logo.

Are you using visual consistency at every touchpoint?
See if these basic visual brand builders to follow, help you.

1_vert-r3Are you empowering your logo to build recognition?
You might want to:
add it to all your communications so it appears consistently.
 include it in your email signatures and presentations.

2_vert-r3Are you building a powerful consistent visual brand presence for your social media profiles?
You might want to:
include your logo and URL.
build your profiles so they all look as if they belong together.

3b_vert-r3Are you using a consistent color palette?
You might want to:
• build a color palette starting with your logo colors and adding 2-3 complementary colors.
• thread all your visual elements together with color commonality and stick with it.
See examples of color palettes on our pinterest board.

4e_vert-r3Are you speaking your brand with relevant images?
You might want to:
go for simplicity and focus in on the feeling you want to elicit.
tightly crop an image by closing in on your subject or focal point.
avoid distracting backgrounds or extraneous compositional elements.
be authentic by using images that feel real for your audiences.
portray an emotion you want to support with your brand.
use visuals that reflect the human experience.

Remember, we are all human and we desire things that are simply ‘real’ like human contact and familiar experiences.

Working towards a unified visual brand presence will help create a closer connection to your customer. That’s what we are striving for, right?