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4 More Basic Visual Brand Builders

Creating visuals can be a challenge when your talents lie elsewhere. All you need to do is put a little thought into your overall visual branding strategy up front. Here are four areas of visual branding with resources that will help you focus.

An appropriate color scheme can create the consistent visual brand you are looking for. Try to keep within four colors or less. Use companion colors that speak your company’s brand.



The 28 best tools for choosing a color scheme.

Build a color palette by extracting colors from your image.

COLOURlovers – a community designed around the appreciation of colors, palettes and patterns.

Designspiration – generate a display of images that use your chosen color combinations from their site.

Generate ideas at the Cotter Visual Pinterest color palette board.

Blog – The influence of color.


Images build brand and add meaning to your message. Whenever possible, use high-quality and high-resolution photos. You can find great digital stock images online for a small fee. A word of caution here… in using stock images, you may find your chosen images used by other companies as well. Seeing an image repeatedly used by many organizations can result in “brand confusion” for your viewers. We can customize images for the brand by building composites of more than one image or using filters to create a custom look. Be sure to keep a consistent look and feel with all your images. Take your time and choose wisely. You want to send a brand-appropriate message.



Digital stock – istockphoto, shutterstock, bigstockphoto.
Photo effects and filters – picmonkey, instagram and snapseed app for mobile devices.
Blog – 3 Ways To Visually Capture Attention.


Using a consistently branded layout will differentiate your visual brand. For example, you can develop a brand identifier for your content by adding a small watermark logo in the same position on every brand image.



Canva design school for layout.


Use brand-specific fonts. Two font styles is all you need. Changing the font on a whim is counter productive to good visual branding and contributes to “brand confusion”. Remember, consistency is key. If we see it visually in one place, we should see it everywhere in that same way. This is what builds brand recognition.



Canva design school for font pairing.
Blog – 11 Simple Rules To Communicating With Type.


Focus on these simple design elements and the power of branded visuals can work for you.