4 Ways To Tell Your Brand’s Story Visually

Branding is about making an emotional connection with your customers, right? So it makes sense that storytelling, if created “brand appropriately”, can be one of the most powerful tools in humanizing your business. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to visually brand!

Here are 4 ways to help tell your brand’s story….

1_vert-r3Create Community

People are happy to get behind a cause quicker than a brand. If your brand supports a cause, there are certainly other people who support it too and this builds that emotional connection.

It’s important for people to know what you care about that isn’t directly related to business profits.

Visual Branding Opportunity!
Use emotional images that help tell the story around the “cause”.


2_vert-r3Customer’s speak and people listen….

A great story can be told about your brand from your customers’ perspective. Use their reviews or testimonials by turning them into quotes with visuals that can be shared socially. Visual content is now 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks.

Peoples purchasing decisions are directly influenced by what others say.

Visual Branding Opportunity!
Quotes created as artwork in a simple graphic treatment using a brand appropriate color background and font. We stress “simple” as it’s important for the quote to be readable.


3_vert-r3Tell an emotional story about where you’ve come from….

How did your company start? Was there a particularly humorous story about an obstacle in your history or a windfall that is interesting? Interviews and quotes from key people will help tell that insider story, setting an emotional tone. Maybe there is a vintage component to a product? A visual history of your logo, product or technology?

People want to know who you are so they can understand the company better and how it relates to them on an emotional level.

Visual Branding Opportunity!
Infographics built around accessible company data and images.


4_vert-r3Introduce the people behind the scenes….

“Meet the team” allows people to gain insight into who works behind the company to make it all happen and how can they help them?

People build confidence in your company when they know the real people who are making decisions for them.

Visual Branding Opportunity!
Impactful images of real people in their work settings, meetings, conferences, company gatherings and fun happenings.

One last thing….
Ultimately each emotional story must be “on brand” and use visuals to tell your story. Be authentic.