5 Questions To Help Clarify Visual Branding

5 Questions To Help Clarify Visual Branding

Your brand is the perception created in the minds of your customers. Visual branding helps you create and control this perception. And ultimately, you want to be the driver of your company’s brand.

Although it is the most visible part of your brand system, your logo is not your visual brand. It is just a part of it, albeit, a large part. Your visual brand is the entire visual expression of your brand. It facilitates recognition through visual unity (shape, color, typography, imagery). The intended result is to build an emotional connection between your brand and your customer.

Not all visual brands do their job well. How is your visual brand being implemented? Is it visually conveying your brand accurately?

These are 5 of the most common visual brand missteps company’s fall into.

1_numeral3Do you have multiple or competing logos that are used randomly?

2_numeralDo your print- and internet-based materials, when reviewed all together, display a range rather than a grouping of consistent visuals?

3_numeralIs the look and feel (and message) on your website different from that of your print and other branded communications materials?

4_numeralDo you lack a set of visual brand guidelines to be used by all who are creating branded communications materials?

5_numeralAre your images chosen randomly without support of the overall brand strategy?


How can you actively manage your company’s brand to stay in control and build brand equity?

realtedblogsDistinguishing between brand, branding and visual branding.

Are you building your visual brand?