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A Simple Visual Solution For Your Complex Brand?

Understanding how the mind synthesizes visual information is crucial in creating a visual that instills recognition. And recognition is everything in branding. The first thing we recognize is color. Then comes shape, symbol and finally words. These visual cues are important in conveying the subliminal underlying concept.

Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a visual brand.

Keep it simple. Simplicity builds recognition. When a visual is too busy it distracts the viewer from the overall visual, its message and the brand.

Be identifiable. Simple shapes are easily identified.

Be memorable. Connect subliminally with the viewer.

Be meaningful. The vision behind the visual speaks volumes about the company.

Be significant. Use positive and negative space effectively. This easily ties into the above four.

Be recognizable. Easy visual recognition should transfer between black/white or color.

Be scalable. The visual must be easily recognizable sized very large and very small.

Developing a visual brand is creating a visual concept of your company. Behind your company there is a concept of who you are and what your objectives and goals are. Convey that clarity and the better your visual translation can be.

Put yourselves in your customers shoes for a good perspective. Know that your customer is visually and culturally evolving. Their visual sensibilities have been elevated by the much improved visual effects in all media. So help your brand evolve. Stay current and relevant to your customers visual world.

Here is an example of a visual exploratory developed from the client’s vision.


Our work involves synthesizing the concepts our clients convey to us. The final chosen visual is below.


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