A Visual Brand Refresh For Starbucks

A great logo example of what you can do once visual brand awareness is built! Starbucks copies a page from well known companies such as Nike Inc. and Apple Inc., who have easily built enough visual brand awareness to successfully drop the words from their logos years ago. The words are no longer needed for us to recognize this visual icon as none other than Starbucks. It can stand alone and speaks for itself. This is achieved by consistent and repetitive use of the visual brand over time. This brand refresh is simple, contemporary, memorable and close enough to the existing logo that it avoids losing any visual brand recognition.

Starbucks has introduced the logo internally and plans to bring it to stores in March which coincides with its 40th anniversary.

In its 40-year history Starbucks has had 4 logos variations. The first update in 1987 took the original brown logo to a green. As shown below, refined again in 1992 and now in 2011.

This refresh, after 9 years, clearly strengthens the Starbucks visual brand.