Aetna’s New Trendy Logo

Aetna has a new logo – the 12th logo in the company’s 157-year history. This is part of their new brand’s “passion for helping people make confident choices and celebrate the equity and tradition of the Aetna name.”

Aetna’s logo evolution from the 1860s. Courtesy of Business Insider.

The new logo is clean, simple, memorable, unique and appropriate for the new brand. They use all lowercase letters in a modern font. The trend of using lowercase letters has become popular recently as they represent a friendlier look and feel. Shown below, the bright color palette with its vast spectrum of color represents youthful, friendly, fun and cheerful. The logo symbolically reinforces Aetna’s brand promise of a connected health care experience by visually connecting the letters “a” and “e” – a visual they retired in 2001.

The row of their colorful icons below are made by using the negative spaces of the “a” and the “e”. Very nice touch!

Applications of the logo shown below display the use of bright colors and the friendly look and feel.

Visual brand images, courtesy of Brand New.

Aetna says its new look is “Vibrant. Energetic. Flexible. It shows our passion for helping you feel confident in your health care decisions, fitting into your life, and making it easier for you to live healthier.” As they say, Aetna continues “its evolution from an insurance carrier to a health solutions company” and establishes themselves as a more consumer-focused brand.

Read Aetna’s press release.

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