Apple iOS 7 Icon Design Falls Flat

SVP of Design, Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) sought Apple’s marketing and communications department for the redesign of iOS 7’s core icons.

Why not use the expert app design teams, you ask? The people who are trained and expert in developing the visual user interface? According to “Ive wanted “new blood” and fresh eyes to give iOS 7 a radical redesign.”

What happened to Apple, the innovator? The one who others follow?
The rebel? Did this die with Steve Jobs? Does anyone else see the irony in Apple following Microsoft’s interface design?

Positives I see. The new icons are:
– brighter, more colorful.
– more simplistic – but some are just the opposite!
– more consistent in color palette.

Negatives I see. The new icons are:
– flat as opposed to dimensional.
– designed with a round circle crammed inside a rounded rectangle when designating stores. Surely there is a better way to differentiate these?
– inconsistent in tonality and gradients.
– inconsistent and needlessly detailed while others are simplistic.

Marginally Improved:
Passbook, Photos, FaceTime, Safari, Music, Notes, Maps

Not improved:
Newsstand (which employee’s child designed that?).
Game Center contradicts the entire trend with a 3D look dropped onto a flat surface.


Bring back the old:

It is said iOS 7’s design is a “work in progress”.  Its release is scheduled for this fall which gives them more than enough time to improve on the design. These weren’t ready for prime time but they needed a WOW for WWDC. Is this another example of a company generating hype around a new release, gaining buzz (positive or negative) to help boost their presence in the media?

Isn’t this just a little embarrassing, coming from Apple? Steve Jobs would have sent everyone back to the drawing board!