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How To Create A Great Logo

Great logo designs look incredibly simple. It’s easy to understand why one could think they are just as easy to create. Understanding how logos are designed is one way we can learn to appreciate logo design.

Steal These 18 Designer Life Hacks

When I graduated college and was seeking a design job I had the critical design knowledge I needed but practical real world knowledge has come with experience. Newly minted designers might appreciate the real world wisdom in these simple life hacks. Be confident. Don’t take rejection personally. Your work will not be accepted by all. It doesn’t […]

The Power Of Visual Storytelling

50% of our brain functions are devoted to visual processing. We interpret visuals in less than 1/10th of a second and then are quickly compelled to organize them into a narrative. It’s just what we do. If there isn’t a story there, we make one up. That’s why stories can be so powerful. You can use […]

How You Can Master Brand Relationship Building

Branding is very simple. The typical thought process behind branding awareness is a logical progression. It goes something like this: > A logo is your brand > Branding is more than just a logo > A brand is every touchpoint and beyond just design > A brand is a relationship Yes, a brand is a […]

5 Ways To Build An Unforgettable Brand!

Every impression of your brand has value! 65% of us are visual learners. This makes a strong visual brand an integral part of building an unforgettable brand. The goal is always to stimulate recall, instill recognition and become memorable in the mind of your audience. If they view your visual brand consistently and repeatedly, you […]

Branding at its best…The Santa Brand

There are many different spiritual beliefs that have become part of the holiday season. Of the many seasonal icons that exist, the imaginary one that remains the strongest, most fun and most playful is the belief in Santa Claus. Let’s just pretend for a minute. We have posted this in years past, so please excuse […]

Design Made Simple

What marketing tool gives you the biggest bang for your buck? Yes, you guessed it! Business cards! If you do anything well to help grow your business, make it your business card! I recently had a conversation with a businessperson about their card. (Disclaimer: We did not design their card.) For demonstration purposes, I have […]

How Does Color Influence Marketing?

It is important for us to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping. Buying habits are complex but here are some quick percentage points made in a kissmetrics study on the color of psychology.  See the infographic here.

7 REsolutions for 2016

I am not one to make new year’s resolutions but I do seek new milestones each and everyday throughout the year. In wishing you a happy new year, I share some simple everyday resolutions.

10 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website

Are you able to build credibility with your site visitors in under 50 milliseconds? Because that’s what it takes! Creating a positive experience on your site is important because when we disrupt visitors from getting what they’ve come for, they quickly move on to something else and forget about you. Here are 10 powerful ways […]