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5 Ways To Build An Unforgettable Brand!

Every impression of your brand has value! 65% of us are visual learners. This makes a strong visual brand an integral part of building an unforgettable brand. The goal is always to stimulate recall, instill recognition and become memorable in the mind of your audience. If they view your visual brand consistently and repeatedly, you […]

Branding at its best…The Santa Brand

There are many different spiritual beliefs that have become part of the holiday season. Of the many seasonal icons that exist, the imaginary one that remains the strongest, most fun and most playful is the belief in Santa Claus. Let’s just pretend for a minute. We post this annually, so please excuse us for pulling […]

Being Thankful

This is a personal story about how we weathered “Irma.” It was one year to the day we left Pennsylvania to move to Venice, Florida. Wednesday, September 6th. With the threat of Hurricane Irma coming, our adult children urged us to leave while we can and made hotel reservations for us. So my husband and […]

Brand > Branding > Visual Branding

Are you aware of the distinctions between brand, branding and visual branding? Here’s a basic overview. I have used the reference to “you” here, which can be a person, company, product or just about anything your brand efforts are focused on. What is a Brand?

Why Change A Brand Name?

Do you know what brand name changes mean? Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced it will be shortening its name by dropping the word ‘Donuts’. Dunkin’ Donuts name has a strong brand personality. We’ve been trained to know what to expect from the brand by the way it identifies itself. It has meaning to us as consumers and is […]

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Using visual images simplifies your message and supports or often takes the place of added text. It’s shorthand for a concept or something hard to describe. People’s visual recognition and association is very quick. Images communicate quickly. It‘s like the saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words”. But only if it is the right visual.

3 Keys To Building A Strong Visual Brand

How do you build a strong visual brand? In one word … consistency. Why build a strong visual brand? Because every impression of your visual brand has value! When your customer views your visual brand consistently and repeatedly it builds recognition and memorability in their mind. Customers make a connection with your company more quickly […]

How To Create A Great Logo

Great logo designs look incredibly simple. It’s easy to understand why one could think they are just as easy to create. Understanding how logos are designed is one way we can learn to appreciate logo design.

Steal These 18 Designer Life Hacks

When I graduated college and was seeking a design job I had the critical design knowledge I needed but practical real world knowledge has come with experience. Newly minted designers might appreciate the real world wisdom in these simple life hacks. Be confident. Don’t take rejection personally. Your work will not be accepted by all. It doesn’t […]