Belkin’s new visual brand identity

Belkin has a new visual brand identity which represents how their products connect the dots between people and technology.

I like the meaning and depth of thought and the strategy that went into this new visual brand. The constellation below is a visual inspiration for the dotted man figure icon.

The dot icon is simple, friendly and flexible. It represents a Belkin brand that is more contemporary and relevant. The wordmark works well to reinforce the icon. The common trend of using lowercase letters for the wordmark lends a friendly, fun and modern look and feel.

“The new Belkin logo, affectionately named PIP for People Inspired Products, symbolizes our commitment to take inspiration from people, and acknowledges the connection between people and the experiences they value most.” states Ernesto Quinteros, Belkin’s Chief Brand Officer in their recent press release.

The new brand was facilitated by the return of Belkin’s founder, Chet Pipkin, or “Mr. Pip”. This is absolute genious! If you want to get CEO buy-in on a new brand identity, use his/her ego on the brand to help get you there. An emotional story that “connects” with the CEO wins every time, because, we all know that the branding process incorporates alot of CEO and EGO.

See how beautifully the icon works interactively.