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Brand New Life For A Logo

Cigna’s visual brand has been updated – it’s human, it’s happy, it’s green. The new logo depicts how Cigna’s health stewardship allows individuals to blossom and grow.

The letters of “Cigna”, no longer in all caps, are in a more casual Myriad Pro semi-bold font consistent with the current trend towards creating a more people-friendly look. The blue, green and yellow colors also support this. Blue for trust and support, green for growth and yellow for happy.

Cigna CEO David Cordani says “Connecting people to better health is the value we deliver as a global health services company.” (Hartford Courant)

The original “Tree of Life” logo in existence since 1993 was based on an 18th century New England quilt. The new logo puts the “Tree of Life” in the hands of the consumer. The move to a more “human” visual, focused on the healthcare consumer, is a good choice based on the evolution of today’s healthcare. Cigna’s new “Go You” campaign, “You were born an original. Make sure you stay that way,” also speaks to the industry reinventing itself as consumers prepare for the health-overhaul laws that will require most Americans to carry health insurance by 2014. Read more and view the video @BrandChannel.