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Branding – First things first!

Why Brand?

Why do the majority of people pay more for and buy more Colgate and Crest than generic toothpaste? It’s really all the same isn’t it? Or is it?

The average consumer must deal with about 10,000 brand names competing for mindshare. There will always need to be a way to help your potential customer make a buying decision. And, if you don’t create your brand, someone will do it for you. Perception is always out there–positive or negative. Creating yours just means you are in control your business.

What is a brand?

It is everything your company does, says, looks, conveys, exudes, breathes and to some who use this, smells and touches.

Branding is simply stating: 

who you are,

what your association is,

what you offer the world, and

how your customer should (or does) perceive you.

To the average observer, this appears to be simple. 

Here are some questions that can help you think through this.

How do you:

Define your business?

Differentiate your business from the competition?

Discover new ways to think about your customers, your market, your technology, your business?

Uncover the things that make you special and use them?

Form the key questions that will allow you to see differently, gain new perspectives and insights, and discover viable and surprising ideas?

Discover new ways to think about your customers, your market, your technology, your Business?

Articulate your value and strategy with effectiveness, clarity, and insight?

Develop targeted communications that inform, persuade and inspire?

Visually communicate effectively?

If you are clear on these points, branding has begun.

What can branding ultimately do for you?

It builds a foundation.

It builds recognition. Repeated exposure builds familiarity and emotional appeal which ultimately…

builds trust,

builds expertise,

builds reputation.