How to use digital strategies to help grow your business.

Brands and 9/11… What Not To Say On A Bad Day

How do brands post on 9/11?
How can brands insert themselves into the conversation without seeming opportunistic?
How can they show their sincerity?

It is a time for people to reflect, remember others and share stories to help heal. The pain is still real. Acknowledging this will be more respectful than anything else a brand can do because whatever they do, they will be criticized.

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Connecting With Your Customer In A Social Economy

Welcome to the new connection economy where making an emotional connection with your customer online is key.

What can you do to help facilitate this connection?

Appeal to your customer’s pain…
Talking about how you’re going to help a potential buyer.

Keep it short and simple…
Our brains respond well to short impactful statements on your site homepage. Focus on the answer to your customer’s “what’s in it for me” question.

Seeing is believing…
What our eyes see connects directly with the unconscious parts of the brain that marketers want to reach. That means you want to make your points (and your website design) as visual as possible. Visuals sell concepts quickly and directly. FYI – facial expressions (human elements) are very effective because we immediately connect with them.

Beginning, middle, end…
Our brains connect with how you begin and how you close. What is in the middle is understated.  Content is king. Craft your words carefully.

Stay simple…
If you’re too clever or too abstract, our brains and your customers are going to want to move on. Content, written clearly in language your customer can understand, connects.

Emotional connection…
Connect on intellect and go beyond facts. Make your customers feel.

By connecting socially with our website visitors and online communications, we can help create conversations, conversions, and long-term clients.

Pinterest – A Brand Builder

B2C and B2B marketers are quickly seeing the potential of what a brand builder Pinterest can be. Many businesses have asked me, should we add Pinterest to our social marketing strategy?

Here is where I see the value in using Pinterest for business.

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