Visual communications are marketing materials that visually represent your brand. Visual elements accompanying text with the goal of having a greater power to inform, educate, or persuade a person or audience. These include illustration, graphic design, photography, color, user interface, way finding, typography, advertising, animation,

Design Made Simple

What marketing tool gives you the biggest bang for your buck?

Yes, you guessed it! Business cards! If you do anything well to help grow your business, make it your business card!

I recently had a conversation with a businessperson about their card. (Disclaimer: We did not design their card.)

For demonstration purposes, I have blurred the type so the details are unrecognizable, yet the size of the type somewhat apparent. The contact information is running 90 degrees on the edge of the card, black type on gray/silver background. As an aside, this is in no way a reflection of their business and only meant to demonstrate a designers viewpoint.

A problem….


They stated that their customers complained the phone number (at 90 degrees) wasn’t readable.

Their solution?


Thinking the size of the type as the problem, they reprinted and added the phone number very large on the back of the card. Yet, this still did not solve the problem.

Why, you ask?

There is a simple explanation… because there is not enough differentiation between the gray/silver color of the numbers and the black background color of the card. As a matter of fact, it is so subtle that some people might not see this differentiation at all – large or not. In this case, size does not matter! But color does.

A simple solution….

I suggested they print the letters/numbers in white on the black background and their customers will have no readability problems. Just think… they may possibly get more business! It’s the simple things.

e-News or Blog?

5 months and no e-News.
I thought the summer off would be nice and a good time to gather ideas for new Synergists. But the time passed too quickly and I remained uninspired. In the process of searching for inspiration, I decided that this communication might just be better and more fun as a blog, so here we are.

So tell me what would inspire you?
The past e-News items have been mostly about branding. And always about visually communicating.