Apple Macintosh desktop computers are often affectionately referred to as “Mac”. They became the platform of choice for graphic designers because they originated an intuitive graphical user interface.

New York

The annual NYC holiday trip included the Fifth Avenue Apple store where we were told by street security the sales at this store in October neared $700,000 a day and current holiday shopping sales per day are double that!

I have always wanted to visit this store. Just the store. Because it’s special to me. Call me crazy! I enjoy it’s unusual architecture, watching many people enjoying the apple brand experience and the main reason, it is the MECCA for a long-time Mac user like me.

This photo gallery shows the store in its finest.

I am amazed at the Mac phenomenon and proud of it, as if I helped birth its success. Being a Mac user for almost 20 years allows me the honor. Us Mac users have been through trials and tribulations over the years but have remained devoted. It warms my heart to view many people willing to wait on line to get in to this store. This truly is a phenomenon.