10 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website

Are you able to build credibility with your site visitors in under 50 milliseconds?
Because that’s what it takes!

Quote - 46% of people say

Creating a positive experience on your site is important because when we disrupt visitors from
getting what they’ve come for, they quickly move on to something else and forget about you.

Here are 10 powerful ways for you to improve your website’s user experience.

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Apple iOS 7 Icon Design Falls Flat

SVP of Design, Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) sought Apple’s marketing and communications department for the redesign of iOS 7’s core icons.

Why not use the expert app design teams, you ask? The people who are trained and expert in developing the visual user interface? According to “Ive wanted “new blood” and fresh eyes to give iOS 7 a radical redesign.”

What happened to Apple, the innovator? The one who others follow?
The rebel? Did this die with Steve Jobs? Does anyone else see the irony in Apple following Microsoft’s interface design?

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What moves your viewers?

Although eye-tracking studies can and have easily been disputed, the information distilled from them can be part of your information arsenal. One eye-tracking study found that web users read in an “F” pattern.

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More on Eyetracking

Great blog, 3 Hot Marketing Tips from Heat Map Analysis

Once again … the age-old tried and true rules of advertising prove valid.

Issue#1: People scan but do not read.
Solution #1: Use short sentences, bullet points and bold text.

Issue #2: Images get a lot of attention.
Solution #2: Use images effectively.
(With a goal in mind. What do we want people do next?)

Issue #3: People rarely scroll.
Solution #3: Put important content above the fold. (In websites they are referring to the virtual fold.)

In any marketing effort, we need to help move our audience through a piece visually with a goal in mind.

Heatmapping is still pretty interesting and for those who want to learn more…this site will provide the service of eyetracking for your website.

Eye Tracking III

We did an enewsletter on the first Eye tracking study done for websites a few years ago… some may recall.

Eye tracking studies have revealed valuable information about how people read and interact with websites.

Read more on Eyetrack III, the recently published summary of eye tracking results for news sites.

See a visual map of home page priority zones… and a very good summary of the study.

Interestingly enough….
As we know, these age old tricks hold true for print as well.
Graphics can be useful for conveying information that is difficult to communicate in pure text.

Short paragraphs encourage reading.

Your headline must grab attention in less than 1 second. Get to the point fast!

People notice ads placed close to popular content.

Not much new here!
Human behavior in the visual world, that’s all.

Google 4 Doodle Competition



Until May 18th you have the opportunity of voting for the best google doodle in each of four grade groups. 

Locally (region 3) for us, we have Grace Para, of Landenberg, PA, as a candidate in the K-3 group. Her doodle is so well developed for someone so young. Be sure to go see these wonderful doodles. 

Kudos to Google for sharing and helping to create design stardom for little people–our up and coming graphic designers! 

Winners will be announced on May 20th with their logos appearing on Google home page May 21st. 

Vote here