How These 2 Simple Solutions Master Visual Branding

The simplest solution is often the most complex. A good logo might look as if it took merely a few minutes to design. If this were the case, one wouldn’t need a designer, would they? I’d like to share a brief synopsis of two logo development projects completed recently. I hope these will offer a bit of insight into how we achieved a simple, yet sophisticated, solution.

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Here They Are: The SuperAds

The SuperBowl advertising holds the most expensive 30 seconds on television at $4.5 million. Estimated Super Bowl-related consumer spending, $14.31 billion (usnew.com). 184 million Americans view the best advertising these companies (and their agencies) have to offer. That big money has a big job.

Those Ads need to do 5 things:
Get attention quickly
 Make an impact
 Tap into viewer emotions (make us tear up)
 Instill product and brand recognition
 Stimulate recall

I have chosen 6 SuperBowl ads this year as my favorites. These don’t necessarily do all 5 of these things. My ad choices are either “Telling the story”, “LOL” or both.

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In Gratitude For Great Collaborators

Appreciation comes everyday in the little things and we need to pay attention to each and every one of them. I am truly grateful to have found a way of earning a living that keeps me motivated, passionate and spirited. Cotter Visual Communications is in its 26th year of doing business and it is time we share why we do what we do. I would like to show my gratitude to our clients who allow us to appreciate who they are and what they are doing. We are all doing good work, together!

Here are some of the attributes I admire in ours.

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Brands and 9/11… What Not To Say On A Bad Day

How do brands post on 9/11?
How can brands insert themselves into the conversation without seeming opportunistic?
How can they show their sincerity?

It is a time for people to reflect, remember others and share stories to help heal. The pain is still real. Acknowledging this will be more respectful than anything else a brand can do because whatever they do, they will be criticized.

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