Power of Visual Storytelling

The Power Of Visual Storytelling

Average attention span is 8 seconds50% of our brain functions are devoted to visual processing. We interpret visuals in less than 1/10th of a second and then are quickly compelled to organize them into a narrative. It’s just what we do. If there isn’t a story there, we make one up. That’s why stories can be so powerful.

You can use this to your advantage. Powerful visual storytelling can evoke emotions that will build engagement with your customer.

Here are some ways to incorporate visual storytelling into your marketing.

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10 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website

Are you able to build credibility with your site visitors in under 50 milliseconds?
Because that’s what it takes!

Quote - 46% of people say

Creating a positive experience on your site is important because when we disrupt visitors from
getting what they’ve come for, they quickly move on to something else and forget about you.

Here are 10 powerful ways for you to improve your website’s user experience.

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Cotter Visual Synergist

Google’s Alphabet

Google Inc has rebranded as Alphabet, with the new corporate identity being used to operate a collection of businesses, including the search engine. Alphabet encompasses all.

The new brand mark is simple, strong, friendly and contemporary.

Here’s my take…

Visually, they can equate a letter with a brand within the organization. They can use both upper case and lower case letters – each designating something different within the organizations structure. Why not use the finite color palette of 26? Each letter represented by a distinct color. It looks like, as they have done traditionally, most images are using squares as per googles letter.


Alphabet chief executive, Larry Page, says “We are not intending for [Alphabet] to be a big consumer brand with related products – the whole point is that Alphabet brands should have independence and develop their own brands.” On the new name concept, Page says: “We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations.”

Alphabet dot com already taken? No problem! This just means it’s time to get creative and use one of the new “not-com” options. Alphabet uses the new URL abc.xyz. This could end .com dominance. ICANN has introduced over 700 new gTLDs (top-level domains) to the Internet so far. Dot XYZ normally gets 3,000 new registrants per day but right now that number is growing rapidly. Alphabet’s URL is almost like an advertisement for using gTLDs. Dot com is not the only game in town for those who use a bit of creativity and think out of the box!

I can’t wait to see how they visually brand and distinguish each individual brand.

Cotter Visual Synergist

Why Your Brand Needs A Design Style Guide?

Consistency in the design of your brand’s marketing materials creates a sense of logic for your audience. People like consistency because they know what to expect. It helps aid their comprehension of your material. If your branded marketing pieces are distracting and confusing to scan, your audience won’t get your message. Inconsistency forces them to stop and process what the difference means, why it’s different, and if there is any reason to continue. Ease of interaction yields better experiences and, thus, the need for consistency. Read more

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24 Ways Great Design Makes The World A Better Place

It’s a pretty lofty statement but design has come into its own in recent years. Embraced by everyone whether they are aware of it or not, great design makes the world easier to understand. It affects us all in more ways than we imagine. And we rarely give it much thought.

So here are my thoughts on how design makes the world a better place.

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4 Visual Brand Asset Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

Your visual brand reflects in everything you do. Your unique identifiers should trigger recognition and serve as an instant connection to you. Smart people understand that everything visual stands for something in the mind of your target audience. Follow these guides and avoid these common mistakes with your visual brand assets and you will be on your way to making that brand connection you want. Read more

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How These 2 Simple Solutions Master Visual Branding

The simplest solution is often the most complex. A good logo might look as if it took merely a few minutes to design. If this were the case, one wouldn’t need a designer, would they? I’d like to share a brief synopsis of two logo development projects completed recently. I hope these will offer a bit of insight into how we achieved a simple, yet sophisticated, solution.

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