Visual Metaphors For Memorable Communications

Metaphors are representations. They represent an idea but are not the idea itself.

We use visual metaphors in design to create a familiar experience for people by focusing on ideas and objects they understand. The metaphor associates two objects that appear unrelated at first but unconsciously, the mind makes the association almost immediately. So people stop and take a second look. You get more than 4.7 seconds with this creative strategy.

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Happy Logos

From swish to smile.

The swish inspired by the Nike “swoosh” has been a visual element used in logos for about 20 years now, and it seems it has finally seen its day. Make way for the rise of the “happy and friendly” smile!

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5 Keys To Visual Synchronicity

Are you using easily identifiable visual communications that connect uniquely and quickly back to your company? Are you paying attention to the way your visual brand is used across mediums? Do your website, Twitter account and Facebook profile use the same overall visual features so viewers know it is your company they are experiencing?

How can you build a memorable visual brand appropriate for print, web, trade shows, signage and social media?

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Cotter Visual Synergist

A Colorful Logo

Color attracts attention.

There is no doubt about it, the eye always looks at the most vibrant element in the space. A good logo not only needs to be simple… it also needs the effective use of color. This doesn’t mean you need a large variation of color. It just means the color needs to be appropriate, pleasing and complementary to the brand.

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Rock Solid Branding

Prudential’s “Logo Evolution” of The Rock® is a perfect example of the simplifying of a logo. What began as a detailed illustration in 1870 has now evolved to its most simplistic form, displaying more of a symbolic visual icon. As mentioned in the last post, simplicity is one of the keys to a great logo. And great logos gain recognition.

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The Green Logo BP Hides Behind

From “British Petroleum” to “Beyond Petroleum”, BP spent hundreds of millions of dollars in 2000 promoting their new brand and tagline. The question now is, are they 100 percent committed to their brand?

Greenpeace UK is holding a BP rebranding contest. They speak for many who watch as BP hides behind their “nice green logo”.  

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