Beer Brand Visual Identity Evolves

Heineken is not only a great consumer brand but a corporate overseer of more than 250 beer and cider brands. In this age of brand awareness Heineken has opted for brand differentiation. As a brewer, HEINEKEN is a brand. As a brand, Heineken is a world reknowned beer. They have chosen to differentiate the corporate visual identity from the product visual identity.

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Building an effective QR code campaign

What makes for a good QR code?

The most popular codes are ones that offer access to a discount or coupon or that allow people to learn more about a product or service.

Giveaways, discounts, free tickets, exclusive access all compel people to interact with and scan your code. Where you send them should provide them with a brand experience plus more. Give them something that is just a bit more special.

When used with a powerful call-to-action, compelling campaigns can offer:

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Where Customers Take Control of Branding

Put the brand in the hands of the users

SALT and The BMW Guggenheim Lab allow users to lend their own interpretations to their brands within boundaries they set up. At the core of both these organizations is collaboration and participation.

The theory behind this type of “non-logo” encourages community-building, interactivity, mutability and allows users to truly feel and be part of the experience. It’s like social networking for design. Mirroring the organizations they portray, anyone can play a part in the organizations interpretation.

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Logos of the future

Logos based on algorithms are being developed with more frequency. Are these the logos of the future? The following are 3 examples of logos based on algorithms that show out-of-the-box thinking.

Casa da Música logo inspired by buildings architecture

Stefan Sagmeister is a graphic designer who every 7th year takes a one-year sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh his creative outlook. Kudos to him for doing this sucessfully. After coming off his last sabbatical he developed a logo for Casa da Música. The design came out of its building architecture which in itself is art – so it came naturally as the inspiration. They began with a study of the architecture from 6 angles: west, north, south, east, top and bottom.

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Visual Hierarchy

To be an effective designer, we have to be able to clearly communicate selected ideas to viewers or we lose their attention.

People see designs in terms of relationships. Seeing similarities and differences or just “seeing” is how we organize our world. Our brains synthesize information by grouping similar visual elements and organizing them into meaningful patterns. Information that is organized with a hierarchy in mind will always be more effective at communicating than information that is not organized.

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Cotter Visual Synergist

Everybody Plays With The Phillies Visual Brand

The Philadelphia Phillies pack the stadium consistently with 45,000 fans and are watched by many more on national syndication. Am I the only one concerned with their visual brand?

Brand Keys, a marketing and research firm, gave the title of “team with the most loyal fans” to the Philadelphia Phillies in their 2011 Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Engagement Index. This index is based on 4 factors: Pure Entertainment, Authenticity, Fan Bonding, and History and Tradition.

So their brand is strong and that is important.

Their visual brand is not. Everybody plays with the Phillies logo, colors and uniform designs.

The inconsistent colors, typefaces and many designs all contribute to visual brand confusion. Typography has nearly as much to do with the identity of the team as the logo itself. But it seems the team has no control over the use of their visual brand elements. Most sports memorabilia vendors take liberties with the designs. Although you can get usage of the official custom typeface from the Phillies website, most opt for a less expensive route.

The team plays in many uniform sets in a multitude of style and color variations. It’s phashion week at the phillies … every week. Why is there no control over the teams visual brand consistency?

But it seems the Philadelphia Phillies do have one consistent element that gains instant recognition everywhere … the logotype. It uses its own custom-designed typeface called scriptwurst which has the a fun feeling – just right for a baseball team. Its colors and stars, craftily used as the dots over the “i”, honor not only its historic city, but the all-star spirit of the team and its brand-loyal fans.

3 Ways To Visually Capture Attention

An informative image is not only well designed; it captures both the feeling of the content and facilitates an understanding of it. You can increase a message’s impact, capture attention and create something memorable through visually communicating by using these 3 simples imagery techniques.

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