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Creating a Great Logo – a Metamorphosis

What is your company’s “personality?” Do you know your brand?

Before you begin on any marketing or advertising campaign you should be able to define your company brand. We can help you drill down to your core brand identity, so it’s clear.

Can you answer these questions?

What are your company’s core values?

What are your present and future goals for your company?

Looking at where you’re headed… try this exercise.

Relax your mind. For a moment, let your thoughts flow freely.

How do you see your company?

How do your customers see your company?

Can you use “power words” to describe your company?

“Power words” are positive, active, descriptive words loaded with emotions that create a dominant image or impression in peoples minds.

Logo design is a process. We synthesize the ideas you tell us about your company and return with some appropriate visual representations of those concepts. Distilling concepts to their visual brand essence is what we do for you, helping define and develop your core brand along the way.

A great logo starts with knowing your brand.

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