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Energy In This New Visual Brand

Exelon has a new logo which replaces the green and blue logo that has been used since 2000. The logo, they say,  “better represents the new company.”

“Exelon and Constellation form the nation’s leading competitive energy provider — a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts,” said Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane. “Our new brand reflects the new Exelon and our belief that our high-performance energy is the engine of progress. Every day we are focused on maximizing the potential of energy — safely, reliably and sustainably.”  “Exelon’s Constellation business unit has adopted a new logo with the same symbol and typeface to reinforce the connection between the companies and to allow them to leverage each other’s brand.”

“The new logo depicts the company name beside a symbol inspired by a flag to represent that Exelon is leading the charge. The flag has three colors inspired by Exelon’s commitment to progress, customers and sustainability. It features parallel lines to reflect the many businesses, stakeholders and perspectives working toward a common goal: driving progress for the customers and communities that the Exelon family of companies serves.”

For good or bad, the flag appears to form an “E” – possibly representative of the “E” in “Exelon”. There is also a significance in the “3”, not only with the above mentioned, but with their 3 energy partnerships: environmentally preferred power, natural gas and electricity.

The 3 new colors are appropriate “energy”-like colors and a bit brighter than the old colors. It is easy to see the fluidity and movement of the “E” enhanced, not only by its skew, but by the addition of the subtle blends within the parallel lines. This will also allow it to adapt well to animation and morphing. The new sans-serif font is similar to many other new visual brands which are migrating to a more playful, happy, youthful, vibrant and energetic look and feel.
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