Bing Bang Boom!

Ok, I feel like a traitor saying this, because I’ve been Googling for so long that I can’t even recall what I did before that, but I love Bing!

Being a long time Apple user, I am, as almost a matter of principle, adverse to anything Microsoft. The Apple user interface has always been better, and I am happy that Apple is finally being appreciated for the wonderfully intuitive interface it proudly displays and continually improves upon. As a result, there are no longer those closet Mac users that existed years ago. We can all stand up and be proud to love Apple!

But even I have to admit, Microsoft has done a lot right with Bing.

It is really wonderful.

I particularly love the rollouts that display info, which are a terrific timesaver.

Plus, in searching for images, it gives you the option of choosing size, color, layout, style (photo or illustration), or people…

I can see many applications for this useful feature and it too is a great timesaver.

But, allow me to switch gears for a moment, and talk about Bing’s branding

Interestingly, there is already controversy over the name.

A man named Stanley Bing, who is a columnist for Fortune Magazine and a best-selling author, has issued a press release expressing his “moderate outrage” at the branding. It seems he has received some terrific PR with this.

Read more about this here.

His visual…


Which brings me to the visual icon for Bing.


Personally, I like it’s simplicity…

In fact, I see it having many options, and it can easily be embellished, much like the Google logo.

I also like the yellow dot for the “i.” It is just dark enough to hold against most backgrounds and bright enough to spark. The roundness of the letters is something I typically do not like. It is difficult to read at a quick glance but since Bing contains only 4 letters, it is easily recognizable for what it is. And this is coming from a self-proclaimed purist when it comes to type.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved

The roundness of the letters make it a bit less readable than it could be.

Of course, you need to see for yourself or read what experts reviewing the technology are saying. I think to really give it a full analysis, you need a state-of-the-art computer with lots of bandwidth. I tried it out on an older mac laptop and it had a bit of trouble. So if you are like me, just keep that in mind.

Anyway, the only other thing I have to say is, well, maybe they could have thought of a more innovative name! After all, if you Google, “Bing” , you will find many results that are not actually “Bing”, the search engine. But then, what did we expect? It is Microsoft!