Hertz – a rebranding journey

Hertz launched their first re-branding effort in 20 years last week on the web.


What does this mean?

A new logo, uniforms, signage, ads, marketing materials and much more. The rental-car company is trying to convey that they are “more friendly.” They are replacing their old tagline, “Let Hertz Put You in the Driver’s Seat,” with “Journey On.”



Hertz will attempt to own yellow across all of its communications. Whether it is its buses, locations or uniforms, “we have a great opportunity to paint the world yellow,” says Mike Senackerib, CMO, Hertz.

They can change their font and as long as they stay with their yellow they can maintain their recognizable identity within the car rental industry. Other brands that own yellow? Sprint, DHL, Stanley, DeWalt, Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong and McDonald’s have all built their brands around the color yellow.

Here’s what I see.

The rounder letterforms indicate soft, friendly and clean. As stated in Brandweek, Hertz wants to make the brand more contemporary and approachable. I think they have achieved this.

The original logo with its big blocky letters displayed strength and depicted Hertz as a heavyweight. Not at all the same feeling the new brand displays. So, times change and logos evolve. Sometimes for good, sometimes not but when a total rebranding takes place you can be sure to see change in everything Hertz.

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