How good stories get distorted

It’s like the old game telephone – you whisper something in someones ear and they pass the message along. The last person conveys what they heard and it is totally different than what was originally spoken. Telephone, rumors, whatever, so goes poor communication on the internet.

An image is being thrown about that has Pepsi logos on the left and Coca-Cola logos on the right and the comparison which many are commenting on since my post “Some things never change”. Well, this is just a bad story gone haywire.

I have tried posting comments to other blogs on this issue but they really are not receptive to anything other than their side of the story. And it is, indeed, a story.

The truth is…. The Coca-Cola logo is really a logotype. The logotype has not changed much since its early beginnings. What has happened, is, the logotype has been placed inside a fishtail, rectangle, and circle amongst other things, changing its look slightly on each usage. The logotype does remain the same.


I think my artwork on my post (“Some things never change”) may have been misconstrued. This is not meant to be a progression of the logo. It is meant to show the logotype between 1885-2009 remains pretty much the same. The uses of the logotype are what has changed through the years.

So in an effort to clear up a bad story. Let’s just begin over. Read this blog for clarification. And please feel free to comment on this story! It is open for discussion.