IBM’s New Identity


One of the most recognized logotypes in the world is changing… IBM.

A quick look at IBMs logo history.

The agency, Forty, has helped IBM rethink their brand identity. Read the full story here.

Excerpts from Fortys website written by Shaina Rozen, Marketing Director:

Forty says “their first step was to develop an in-depth brand metaphor for the new IBM. They brainstormed new keywords to propel IBM’s verbal and visual strategies, and developed a new tagline to drive home their refreshed brand.”

Brand keywords:

• Youthful: young, fresh, enthusiastic

• Energetic: lively, dynamic, vibrant

• Hip: trendy, popular, sharp

• Accessible: approachable, friendly, pleasant

• Forward-thinking: progressive, bold, pioneering

• Transparent: clear, honest, upfront

New tagline is “Intelligence Redefined”.

“IBM’s purpose, as isolated and refined by Forty, is simply “making people smarter.” This can happen through technology, training, communication, and any other type of knowledge-transfer interaction, all of which fall within IBM’s core competencies as a solution provider.“The visual strategy of using the rainbow pinwheel ”represents the world’s diversity unified into a thing of beauty. IBM is truly a global company, and this sense of diversity is present in everything they do. (Each one of these colors has a specific cultural significance in the countries where IBM envisions doing the most business over the next 100 years.)”

The new logo will be integrated slowly with completion projected by the end of 2011.

The new IBM design follows current trend of using lower case letters. This, combined with softer rounded letterforms, the dot icon of the “I” and a brighter color palette offers a more relevant, meaningful, contemporary, friendly and pleasing look. Ones eye and mind finishes the cut off ascender on the letter “b”.

It is well thought out, appropriate, timeless and obviously created by top level professional brand designers.

This is a pretty time-consuming April Fools! Hats off to Forty. This serves as an ingenious self promotion!