Logo Morphing

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, now PwC, has a morphing logo too. See video here.

Shown below is the static logo – old and new.

Its morphings reveal many visual varieties and adaptations to different types of content. Logos no longer just sit static. Moving media has changed that.

The new branding is now almost a year old. It can be seen in use on the company website and in the static marketing pieces shown below.

They use a warm red color scheme as opposed to traditional accounting logos which are typically in the blue range. Maybe this is to focus on the warmth in working with PwC. The series of colorful boxes could represent “staying in the boxes” and makes a good metaphor for an accounting firm.

PwC wants to be seen as forward-thinking and contemporary, not stodgy as people tend to typify accounting firms (hmmm). As said by Dennis Nally, chairman of PwC, “We think our new brand expression visually distinguishes PwC in the same way that the quality and expertise of our people differentiates the experience of working with PwC. Underlying the visual elements is what the PwC brand really stands for – how we are viewed by our clients, our people and our stakeholders. Beyond our capabilities and experience, we want PwC to be known for building great relationships with clients that help them create the value they’re looking for.”

I am not sure this new look really relates to their vision, or even depicts who PwC really is. Does it really speak their brand? One thing is obvious… this is how they want to be perceived. Conceptually, it is an interesting dichotomy.  The changes in the financial markets mean it’s now as important to look nimble and up-to-date as it is to look solid and dependable.