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New Google Logo

A new Google logo design modification and a new search results page design launches on Wednesday, May 12.

The new logo integrates brighter colors and simplifies the visual while retaining the playfulness of the original logo.


Improving on an existing visual brand that works, adds value. I like the fact that Google has retained the original look and only modified it slightly. The subtle design changes just show Google is looking to improve the viewers experience.

The logo shadow on the letters is now much more subtle and not as distant from the letterforms which was slightly distracting. The dimensional shadows on the inside of the letterforms are lighter while still adding necessary dimension. The yellow is stronger which helps with readability. Eyes can scan right over a yellow that is too light. The “TM”, another distraction, has been removed.

Read more on the functionality design changes on the Google Blog.

Sometimes very little change is just the right amount!

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