Opinions are like… well, you know. Everyone has one.

What happens when you ask someone for their opinion?

You get it. Their subjective – not necessarily expert in the subject – opinion.

What happens when you set up the ”approval by committee” process?

People most often give a critical assessment, as if this is the preferred answer. The person lending the opinion feels like they’re the expert and they feel validated. It is an ego-stroker. And we all like our opinions to be valued, dont we?

Visuals and words are subjective. People’s perceptions and interpretations always come into play. Asking opinions doesnt work – you can never please everyone. Design by committee is expensive and is often unsuccessful.

Here is an easy 3-step process to the opinion phase.

We believe this to be ideal for all involved, if and when it is doable. It is a process we love to work within when we can. The process is simple.

A company team is chosen and the process begins.

The company team:

1 gathers information from chosen parties internally who want to have a say in the project;

2 assigns a project leader to interface with the company team and the design team;

3 meets and conveys all the gathered information including opinions, perceptions, likes and dislikes to the design team.

Not as easy as 1, 2, 3. If teams are not excessively large, this can be very successful. Cohesiveness within the group is ideal and often needs some work before the team can reach maximum potential. If the design team observes disagreement amongst company team members, they will need to flush this out right away. Find out where the disagreement points and work through it until there is a consensus on how to move forward. If this is not done it will continue to be a thorn in everyones side.

Something to strive for. When achieved, it’s a win-win for all.