Rock Solid Branding

Prudential’s “Logo Evolution” of The Rock® is a perfect example of the simplifying of a logo. What began as a detailed illustration in 1870 has now evolved to its most simplistic form, displaying more of a symbolic visual icon. As mentioned in the last post, simplicity is one of the keys to a great logo. And great logos gain recognition.

logo evolution

This first got my attention when viewing Prudential’s “Logo Evolution” TV Ad. It succinctly displays how the “Rock” logo has evolved visuallly. The concept being, although the company’s iconic “Rock” has changed, the company itself, has not. The ad appropriately ends with their branding, We are The Rock® you can rely on.

The full breadth of “Rock” logos is cleverly titled on their website, “America’s Most Valuable Rock Collection”.

logo design

One of the visual elements that stands out for me with this icon is the white space on the right of the Rock that leads the eye right to the “P” in Prudential (highlighted in yellow on the logo shown below). Notice the company name is in good proportion to its icon. When scaled up or down, both elements remain clear and recognizable.

logo design

These are the sort of fine nuances that a well-trained designer adds to build an outstanding design.

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