Show-Stopping Tradeshow Graphics

Four seconds!

That’s the amount of time you have to engage a prospects attention as they walk by your booth.

How do you achieve this? Show-stopping graphics are a great place to start.

Here are 10 Successful Strategies for Seizing Visual Impact.

1  A picture is worth a thousand words

Use photographic images. Images that evoke emotion engage people. Read post on visual images. Customers like to see people like themselves.

2  Showcase your corporate identity prominently

Your booth should be visible and legible from down an aisle on the showroom floor. A large booth header is always preferred and easily identifies your company from a distance.

3   Be recognizable

Your fonts need to be legible and an appropriate size so they will be readable at a quick glance and from a distance. Choose your fonts wisely. Some fonts are just not legible and are difficult to read, even at large sizes.

4  Message placement is key.
Use the upper half of the booth graphic for the most important message. When people are inside the booth area (assuming we are talking about a 10 x 10 ft booth) the bottom 3-4 ft is often not viewable from even a short distance.

5  Color helps your message stand out

Cool colors (blue and green) appear slick and professional. Warm colors (red and yellow) attract more attention, yet can be too strong if used inappropriately. It is most important to stay within your company’s color identity.

6  Build your visual brand

Use graphic elements from your existing marketing pieces. Consistency and continuity is the key to successful branding!

Read about visual synchronicity.

7  Convey benefits, not features

Give prospects a good reason to stop. What are you selling? Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Design your graphics to promote the benefits of your company products or services, not the features. Think like your prospect, “What’s in it for me?”

8  Be inviting, be memorable

Create a clean, warm environment people want to step into. Try not to box in too much of your space with tables or displays. Create an easy-in and easy-out.

9  Online integration

Include your web address in your design for people who might want to learn quietly before approaching. This is definately the least important message to convey on a booth graphic since your audience is right there with you. Use it as a sign-off in the bottom third of the graphic.

10  Big picture

Your booth design should be general enough to last a long time. Remember, it is only a backdrop and the overall big picture meant to pique a propects interest. It isn’t meant to tell the entire story.

The rest is up to you and your company ambassadors to create the conversations that lead to sales!