Some things never change.

Coca-Cola Logotypes

Coca-Cola Logotypes

Why has Coca-Cola’s logo remained virtually the same for so many years?

The original logo was developed in 1885 using the iconic red and white color scheme still used today.

The script logotype has remained relatively unchanged, but the way it has been used has changed.

Currently, the logotype is placed within a square. In the past it has been placed within a circle, a fishtail and a rectangle.

Coca-Cola keeps its authenticity by remaining the same. The statement it makes is, we are and always have been the same Coca-Cola you know and love. Some brands don’t need to change or evolve. Part of Coca-Cola’s allure is the fact that you can always count on it to taste like, well, Coca-Cola*.

*This does vary from country to country due to the localization of the bottling process, subject to elements such as water and often resulting in a compromise of the brand. But that is another post for someone else.

Although Coca-Cola released a new formula in 1985, the logo remained the same.

Like they say, if it’s not broken why fix it?