Keys To Building A Strong Visual Brand

3 Keys To Building A Strong Visual Brand

How do you build a strong visual brand? In one word … consistency.

Why build a strong visual brand? Because every impression of your visual brand has value! When your customer views your visual brand consistently and repeatedly it builds recognition and memorability in their mind. Customers make a connection with your company more quickly and easily. This is simply because the more we see something, the better our recall of it is. It’s subliminal so most times we are unaware it’s happening.

If you want to build a strong visual brand, you can start with your three most important visual assets….
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Cotter Visual Synergist

Branding Purple

Purple tends to be a color that people either love or hate. A visit to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach’s Kennett Square office “Brand Opening” led me to a thought-provoking conversation on the BHHS corporate brand color choice of purple. They all knew the reasoning well as it was conveyed as part of the brand.

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Apple iOS 7 Icon Design Falls Flat

SVP of Design, Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) sought Apple’s marketing and communications department for the redesign of iOS 7’s core icons.

Why not use the expert app design teams, you ask? The people who are trained and expert in developing the visual user interface? According to “Ive wanted “new blood” and fresh eyes to give iOS 7 a radical redesign.”

What happened to Apple, the innovator? The one who others follow?
The rebel? Did this die with Steve Jobs? Does anyone else see the irony in Apple following Microsoft’s interface design?

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Color is perceived on three levels and they work together!

Physiological/subliminal: how our bodies reflexively respond to color; our subliminal associations of color based on our first interactions with color in nature reside in our collective unconscious.

Cultural: the conventions of color usage throughout time in specific cultures.


Marketing context: i.e., green in “warm beverages” means decaf … or in sodas it can be a flavor cue for lemon-lime.

Red is the most extroverted color in the spectrum, representing vitality, life and energy.

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Microsoft is square

Microsoft has developed a new logo to visually brand its soon-to-open retail stores. Once again, a reminder of the perpetual competition between Microsoft and Apple.

I am not sure this new logo is consistent with Microsoft’s overall visual brand and logo. It is consistent with their brand colors, but other than that, people may have difficulty making the visual leap between the two. Maybe this is what Microsoft wants?

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