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Steal These 18 Designer Life Hacks

When I graduated college and was seeking a design job I had the critical design knowledge I needed but practical real world knowledge has come with experience. Newly minted designers might appreciate the real world wisdom in these simple life hacks.

Be confident.
Don’t take rejection personally. Your work will not be accepted by all. It doesn’t mean your work is not good design.

Be authentic.
You can’t be everything to everyone. Develop your YOU. Try different ways of presenting to discover a style that works best for you.

Be focused.
Follow your path and be open to where it leads. Focus on your design strengths and find a niche.

Be positive.
Keep the faith. A positive attitude will help you succeed.

Believe in yourself.
Continue to love what you do. Don’t lose the love of your craft or your ability to be great at it.

Be resilient.
Don’t give up. Revisions are a fact of life. For the mostpart, they are meant to make the end product as good as it can be.

Be social.
Be open to meeting new people in all walks of life. You never know where someone might lead.

Be easy to get along with.
Work well with people. It’s a fact… people will do business with people they like. It is the easiest way to keep a client or a co-worker happy. Getting along with those around you everyday is just about everything. It doesn’t matter how good a designer you are if you don’t play well with others!

Be timely.
Adhere to timelines. Hone the skill of managing your time well and you will be a far better worker than most. As Woody Allen is quoted as saying, “80 percent of success is showing up.”

Be reliable.
Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going  do it. Don’t let people down.

Be honest.
Integrity is a highly regarded trait. Adhere to moral and ethical principles.

Be happy.
People enjoy being around and including others who are happy. This can also reflect in your design solutions.

Be curious.
Ask many questions about how others hone their design skills. Find out the best and most efficient way to do things and why.

Be inquisitive.
Great design begins with asking the right questions – getting at the heart of the problem you’re setting out to solve. The key to a successful design can be hidden in what a client, a user, a boss or a co-worker says. Learn to listen.

Be a student.
Keep learning. Set aside time for developing your skills and experimenting.

Be humble.
Know you are not the smartest person in the room, even if you are 😉

Be grateful.
Appreciate your gifts. Help others be good at what they do too.

Be the best you can be.



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