Telling Your Story With Prezi

Prezi is next generation content marketing.

It helps you present and share ideas in a naturally flowing storytelling format. It also:

  • encourages you to guide the attention of users and lead them through your message;
  • forces you to think in concepts and visuals–not bullets and sentences;
  • inspires creativity–instead of limiting it;
  • allows your audience to see themselves and what they can do rather than you telling them; and
  • engages customers at trade shows and marketing events.

Unlike PowerPoint and SlideShare, Prezi is a “non-linear” form of presentation. It is a rich medium, and you can use videos and images within your presentation, as well as include one in your blog, share it on your social networks, or embed it on your web pages.

Here is one way we are using Prezi. Ask us about how we help promote others brands.

View our Prezi: Cotter Visual Communications Builds Visual Brands. You may be asked to sign-up for Prezi at no obligation. If viewing on a tablet or phone, download the Prezi app.
Choose the “autoplay” button in the lower right corner of the presentation box or use the left/right arrows at the bottom center of the box.

Here is how some other early adopters have used Prezi:

  • Ogilvy has used Prezis to promote many of its clients.
  • TomTom, the world’s leading brand for navigational devices used a Prezi for its annual global marketing conference in Dublin.
  • Coca-Cola has made a unique Prezi that explains its strategy for 2020.
  • Lenovo has created its own branded Prezi template for its employees.
  • CBRE, a commercial estate services firm, made a Prezi to attract prospective interns.

7 guidelines for creating your Prezis:

1     Focus on visuals that tell your story. Focus within your brand.
TIP: If you have access to branded visuals, work with those.
2    Complement your presentation with a short video.
TIP: It gives you a break from speaking.
3     Use motion. Up-down, sideways, and depth, whatever showcases your story best will be extremely powerful and keep people interested.
TIP: Use caution in how you integrate motion so as not to make your audience dizzy. You want to dazzle … not dizzy.
4     Keep it simple. Key phrases, titles and short bulleted lists are all you need to accompany your visuals.
5     Be creative. Apply basic design principles to your presentation.
TIP: If this is not where your talent lies, leave it to the professionals. Too much motion, poor choice of visuals and text colors that vibrate or don’t view against their background will not achieve your intended goal.
6     Get ranked. Google likes Prezi! Your public Prezis will come up high on your search rankings. Another opportunity!
TIP: Make sure your Prezi is accompanied with textual content that allows search engines to better understand the content.
7    Move quickly. Keep in mind the attention span of your audience. 30 seconds and change.

Although most people know Prezi for its “public” online version, the company also offers a desktop variant, which lets you create offline presentations and later view them on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Prezis are not flash and run smoothly on mobile devices. They are versatile and portable!
Which way to go – public or private?

Public Prezis are free and open for all to view online. However, your Public Prezi is open for anyone to view and use. On the other hand, you can create Prezis as a powerful marketing tool.

If you want your Prezis private, opt for the fee-based licensed Prezi.
With licensed Prezis you can:

  • Share your Prezis with others online by invitation. They remain private and are only viewable by you and those you “invite”.
  • Brand your Prezis with your logo.
  • View and create online or offline presentations.
  • Download your Prezi to run from your computer, just as you would any other presentation.

Looking for help choosing and implementing the right visuals for your content marketing? Try Prezi! Your presentation and message will easily stand out from the crowd. And if you need help, contact us!