The Power of Infographics

Knowledge is power. Conveying that knowledge with infographics (or “data viz” for data visualization) is a new way of seeing. An infographic neatly combines statistics and design to communicate multiple layers of information. Great for your presentations when a graphic can speak volumes. Highly effective when it’s important to illustrate information clearly and quickly. Ideal for communicating with your online audience. A visually pleasing and compelling infographic is likely to be shared on potentially buzz-generating social networks – expanding your reach.

Studies have proven that people retain about 10% of information conveyed orally. Since the majority of people are visual learners, it stands to reason that when information is also visually presented, retention rate increases to 50%. Infographics can help validate your argument.

For infographic success you need:

• a topic that directly relates to your product and/or service

to provide an answer to a specific question or problem

information people will want to share

well-researched, precise, accurate and well-organized information

easy to read visually powerful design

to make sure that the reader’s eye easily flows down the page

charts, vectors, artwork and use of typography that are engaging to read

to incorporate company branding, including your branded color palette

to make your infographic easy to share with social media connections

Be careful not to overwhelm the viewer. Simplicity is important. Take small steps to a more digestible flow of content and success can be yours.