5 Keys To Visual Synchronicity

Are you using easily identifiable visual communications that connect uniquely and quickly back to your company? Are you paying attention to the way your visual brand is used across mediums? Do your website, Twitter account and Facebook profile use the same overall visual features so viewers know it is your company they are experiencing?

How can you build a memorable visual brand appropriate for print, web, trade shows, signage and social media?

We call it visual synchronicity… the recognition that develops when common visual elements are used across all media consistently and simultaneously.

The 5 keys to visual synchronicity:

Logo Color Typography Imagery Composition

1 | Logo/Logotype

Your company’s visual shorthand. It speaks to who you are and what you stand for. Make it visually apparent and use it consistently across all media.

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2 | Color

A color palette expresses your brand meaningfully and helps keep your visual brand consistent.

Below is an example of a color palette developed from this one image.
You can see how colors within the image are picked up to create a compatible palette. If a marketing tool were to be developed using these colors, the visual elements would clearly connect with each other. Synchronicity.

3 | Typography

Develop the use of appropriate typestyles. Choose fonts that use the positioning and personality attributes you want associated with your company.

A good visual branding rule of thumb is: two typestyles for your brand, one for your logo and headlines and another for basic content copy. Synchronicity.

4 | Imagery

Develop brand images that speak to your customer. A set of images, either custom or stock, can be developed that use the same style, color, tone and emotion. In other words, they all look like they belong together. Synchronicity.

Multiple images can be digitally combined into photo composites creating unique signature images for your company, such as this one below. The image composite on the left is composed using the 3 images on the right.

5 | Composition

Good design will connect your many different communication initiatives.
Synchronicity. What’s effective for a brochure won’t (and shouldn’t) work for a web page. E-newsletters have different requirements and opportunities than brochures or a microsite but they still need a commonality. A good design approach and framework will tie them all together and point directly to your company.
Using synchronicity… the common variable for visual communications.

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