Visual Unity

Whether it is on the Web, in print or on a trade show floor, you can create a positive experience by engaging your customers visually. Graphics that are simple, colorful and evoke emotion are impactful.

Our goal is to create a sense of unity from the central message and supporting copy, photographs and logos. All three components should fit together to make a coherent whole.

Unity in composition can stop people in their tracks.

Grouping people, objects and text

Grouping elements can give them greater impact than if they were standing alone or apart from one another. When several items are placed in proximity, the eye moves easily from one to the next. The items become one visual unit, providing a single message for the viewer.

If the group is the most prominent part of the graphic, the structure will hold together as an overall composition and draw attention.

Repeating shapes, colors or values

A design element repeated can form a path for the eye, leading to an important message logo or image. Repetition can create consistency

Which square will people look at? This stand-out-from-the-pack repetitive approach is useful for helping viewers focus on the uniqueness of a product, company, or event.

Attract and lead the eye with continuation

Human eyes instinctively want to follow a line to find out where it leads. Aligning edges of items creates an invisible line the eye naturally follows. By aligning the edges—horizontally, vertically or diagonally—the composition becomes unified.

Once again leading the viewers with strong visual cues gets the message across.