Oreo’s brand has traditionally been associated with milk and cookies, but the brand’s social media activity takes on a new face with real personality. Oreo’s 31 million-strong Facebook feed proves it.
oreo brand
Oreo is seen looking slightly different with each update but always featuring the cookie against a white backdrop with a witty purpose.
oreo brand
The visual black/white theme is consistently used with its message in an accent color of blue – symbolic of happy blue sky. Happy, pleasure and fun is always carried through in the message. Clever visual puns support copy puns. The Valentine sentiment on the creme is a result of their ”Share the love” album. Users share their candy heart messages which are then placed on the cookie and displayed in the album.
oreo brandOne strong theme, “The Rules of the DUNK”, gives fans playful guidelines as to what you can and can’t do with an Oreo.

The “Cookie vs. Cream, pick a side” theme includes an “everybody’s talking about Oreo” video, Oreo Whisper Fight which continues the passion for the cookie. And furthering the dialog, “Choose your side” on instagram @OREO, fans photos are re-created in Oreo cookie or creme by artists dressed in Oreo-style black & white striped shirts.

Oreo’s Facebook page dates back to December 2010 but this most recent campaign began in February 2013 just in time for their Super Bowl ad effort supported by real time genius twitter posts, including the infamous “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” post.

Brilliant advertising creates a memorable branded experience and a real game-changer. One smart cookie came through on this one!